AR# 53347


14.3/14.4 Config Simulation - Functional simulation passed but post-PAR simulation failed with DEVICE_ID invalid error


I declare correct DEVICE_ID when I instantiate ICAPE2 primitive.

   ICAPE2_inst : ICAPE2
   generic map (
      DEVICE_ID => X"03651093",     
      ICAP_WIDTH => "X32",         
      SIM_CFG_FILE_NAME => "lvds_intf.rbt"

But, post-PAR simulation still fails with the following error:

Error : written value to IDCODE register is 0011011001010001000010010011 which does not match DEVICE ID 00010000000000010000000000010001on X_ICAPE2.

Thus, initialization cannot complete.

However, functional simulation works fine.


It was found that the DEVICE_ID in post-PAR simulation netlist does not match the above.

   ICAPE2_inst : X_ICAPE2
     generic map(
       SIM_CFG_FILE_NAME => "lvds_intf.rbt",
       DEVICE_ID => X"10010011",
       ICAP_WIDTH => "X32",
       LOC => "ICAP_X0Y0"

To work around this issue, manually change DEVICE_ID to correct value.

AR# 53347
日期 06/03/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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