AR# 53486


14.4 XPS - Platgen is failing with projects containing ChipScope ILA or AXI monitor


A project containing a ChipScope ILA or AXI monitor fails Platgen in EDK 14.3 with the error below:

ERROR:EDK:440 - platgen failed with errors!
 make: *** [implementation/system_proc_sys_reset_0_wrapper.ngc] Error 2

In EDK 14.4, the error is slightly different:

    kc705_ddr3.mhs line 250 - PARAMETER C_NUM_DATA_SAMPLES has value 512 which does not fall in the range
 (1024, 2048,4096,8192,16384,32768,65536,131072), specified in MPD

How can I fix this issue?



This is a known issue when the minimal signals are set to 512.

To fix the problem:

  1. Right-click the ChipScope ILA or Monitor in the XPS System Assembly View under the Bus tabs:



  2. In the Configure IP screen, change the "Number of Data Samples Captured Per Trigger Match" from 512.

  3. Any other value is supported.



AR# 53486
日期 09/15/2014
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