AR# 5364


1.5i XC4000X* PAR - Express designs with non-RLOC'd carry chains and Coregen modules may not place.


Express is now creating non-RLOC'd carry chains in designs.
This was done to fix a bug where they partially RLOC'd carry

Cases have been seen where Express designs with instantiated
Coregen modules are having parts of these unconstrained carry
chains merged into the Coregen macro. This is occurring
because parts of the Coregen macro are unused and being
trimmed by map, making room for external logic to be merged

PAR is unable to place the resulting partially RLOC'd carry
chain. Failure mode:

ERROR:x4kpl:368 - RPM "multiplier_q_inst/hset" contains a
partial carry logic chain.

The problem usually involves FMAPs that drive flops being
trimmed from the design. If the FMAPs are trimmed, it leaves
room in the CLB for external carry chains to be merged in.

The problem is that part, but not all of a non-RLOC'd carry chain is being merged into the macro.


Currently, the only work around found has been to prevent
trimming in the Coregen modules by placing nomerge attributes
on key FMAP nets.

Example of .ucf syntax to prevent trimming:
NET "multiplier_q_inst/N141" KEEP ;
NET "multiplier_i_inst/N141" KEEP ;

Contact Xilinx support and refer to this solution record if
you are seeing this problem, and need help identifying the
nets involved.
AR# 5364
日期 10/21/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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