AR# 53874


14.5 PlanAhead - The value of the More Options field under the Bitstream Settings is not being saved


I have a project open in PlanAhead tool and I open the Bitstream Settings by either:

  • Selecting Bitstream Settings under Program and Debug in the Flow Navigator
  • Selecting Tools -> Project Settings -> Bitstream

If I enter an option in the More Options field, the Apply button does not highlight.
If I then select OK, the settings window closes. However, the value entered in the More Options field is not saved. Re-entering the Bitstream Settings shows that the options were not saved.

How do you save additional Bitstream Settings to the project?


To work around this behavior:

  1. Modify any of the other provided Bitstream Setting fields provided in the window. This should allow the Apply button to be active.
  2. Now enter the value in the More Options field
  3. Double click the Apply button. It will become inactive once the settings have been applied.
  4. Change the other setting (from step 1) back to the desired value and click OK

Your settings will now be saved and you can renter the Bitstream settings with the updated values preserved.

This issue is resolved in the PlanAhead 14.6 and Vivado 2013.2 tools.

AR# 53874
日期 11/11/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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