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Vivado HLS 2012.3/2012.4: connecting the sobel filter design from XAPP890 issues


I am attempting to rebuild XAPP890 (which was originally used in Vivado 2012.2) in Vivado 2012.4.
I'm having trouble with the path from HLS into XPS.
It was working in Vivado 2012.2, but HLS has changed the clocking architecture.
(UG631), page 34 states that IP exported from HLS now has a single clock and reset.

Is there a way of specifying a separate clock (and reset) for each interface?


in Vivado 2012.3/2012.4 the MPD file generation has changed.

By examining how it was done in ISE Design Suite 14.2 you should be able to work out how to change it.

The latest version ties the clocks and reset together then connects this common signal to all IPs.
In earlier versions of VHLS the clock/reset were left separated and you had to connect them individually.

The changes are probably a simple matter of splitting the clock/reset signals again.

AR# 53998
日期 03/11/2015
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