AR# 54005


LogiCORE IEEE 802.3 Multi-Channel 25G RSFEC Core - Simulation issue with Questa Sim


Simulation errors occurs when simulating the IEEE 802.3 Multi-Channel 25G RSFEC core with Questa Sim.

The behavior of the core is incorrect and the example design simulation is failing.

INFO : Sanity Completed
ERROR@366650000000 : Number of packets received did not equal the number of packets sent.


This issue is related to Questa Sim inlining optimization for the encrypted design source.

To work around the issue, open the Elaboration tab in the Vivado Simulation Settings, and add '-inlineFactor=0' to the 'questa.elaborate.vopt.more_options' field.


AR# 54005
日期 07/19/2019
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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