AR# 54009


2012.4 Vivado - The integrated Text Editor fails to open source files in VIM on Linux


This issue occurs when opening a 2012.4 Vivado project and setting the text editor as follow:

In the menu select Tools->Options, General -> Text Editor, and then select VIM on Linux.

Then double click  on a source file to select it.

The source file does not open correctly.

Instead an empty file is opened.

The issue only occurs in Linux with Vivado 2012.4 (It was not seen with previous versions).


This issue has been fixed in Vivado release 2013.1.

To work around the issue in Vivado 2012.4, open the source file(s) directly in the external text editor.
AR# 54009
日期 06/09/2014
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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