AR# 54059


14.4 PlanAhead - The PlanAhead tool is hanging after running ISim and re-launching the simulation through the ISim GUI


After running the ISE Simulator from the PlanAhead tool, the ISE Simulator GUI is invoked and runs the simulation. Within the ISE Simulator GUI, the "Relaunch" feature exists to recompile the design and restart the simulation. When this feature is invoked, it relaunches the simulation without issue, but is causing the PlanAhead tool to be rendered unusable (it appears to hang).


To work around the issue, it is necessary to close down the ISE Simulator and re-run simulation from the PlanAhead tool directly.

This issue has been fixed in PlanAhead 14.5.

AR# 54059
日期 10/08/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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