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14.x - SDK - Sharing projects and Version Control Systems (VCS) in SDK tool


This answer record describes how to share projects in SDK and which files to use.


Sharing Projects

  • Projects should reside outside the workspace
    • Create a toot directory for all projects
    • HW Platform, BSP, and Application projects are created under root
  • Users will have separate workspaces
    • Only the projects are shared
  • Each user imports the projects
    • Do not import to workspace
    • Use a common root location
  • A version control system can also be implemented

File to share

  • In the Hardware Platform
    • .XML, .BIT, .BMM files
    • .project
  • In the BSP
    • .project, .cproject, .sdkproject
    • system .MSS
    • Makefile, libgen.option
  • In the Application
    • Sources
    • .cproject, .project
AR# 54083
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