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2012.4 IBERT - "ERROR: [Common 17-11] Failed to parse xmsgs file C:<>/project_1/project_1.runs/synth_1/_xmsgs/xst.xmsgs - Invalid XML token"


If I run the Tcl script from the (Xilinx Answer 53721) - IBERT 7 series GTZ flow script and instructions, the following error occurs when the Synthesized design is opened:

"ERROR: [Common 17-11] Failed to parse xmsgs file C:/test_script_IBERT/project_1/project_1.runs/synth_1/_xmsgs/xst.xmsgs - Invalid XML token"

Should I be concerned about this error?


This error can be safely ignored. The "xst.xmsgs" is the file which contains the "Error and Warning" messages for the "Message" tab in the Vivado tool.
Those messages can be also checked from the Vivado Synthesis report in the "Reports" tab.

If the instructions from (Xilinx Answer 53721) are not followed, there are cases where this error message stops the design flow adding the following text:

   "ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'wait_on_run' failed due to earlier errors."

   while executing
   "wait_on_run synth_1"
   (file "./implement.tcl lin 33")

This is the case if the Tcl script is run in batch mode flow from the Command prompt with:

   vivado -source ./runme.tcl

Please follow the exact instructions found in (Xilinx Answer 53721) as there are atomic commands which can be used only from the Vivado tool interface.



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