AR# 54169


14.4 - AXI4-S Interconnect - Instantiation Template Incorrect


When creating an instantiation template for AXI4-Stream v1.1, the following signals are left out.  

   input wire  [C_NUM_SI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        S_ARB_REQ_SUPPRESS,
   output wire [C_NUM_SI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        S_DECODE_ERR,
   output wire [C_NUM_SI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        S_SPARSE_TKEEP_REMOVED,
   output wire [C_NUM_SI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        S_PACKER_ERR,
   output wire [C_NUM_SI_SLOTS*32-1:0]                       S_FIFO_DATA_COUNT,
   output wire [C_NUM_MI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        M_SPARSE_TKEEP_REMOVED,
   output wire [C_NUM_MI_SLOTS*1-1:0]                        M_PACKER_ERR,
   output wire [C_NUM_MI_SLOTS*32-1:0]                       M_FIFO_DATA_COUNT


This is a known issue for the AXI4-Steam Interconnect v1.1. 

Change requests have been filed to address it.

To work around this issue, you will need to manually modify the instantiation of the Streaming Interconnect to include these missing signals.
AR# 54169
日期 10/09/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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