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PlanAhead - MYXILINX enviroment variable is not loaded by the PlanAhead tool


I have set the MYXILINX variable to point to a directory containing data files/patches which are necessary for some ISE design tools. However, when I run the PlanAhead tool, the patch defined under MYXILINX does not seem to be found or applied.

The variable setting in the Tcl console (puts $env(MYXILINX)) appears to be undefined.

How can I get the MYXILINX variable to be recognized within the PlanAhead tool?


The PlanAhead loader script sets up the environment that it thinks will be required based on the location from which it is launched.

Loading PlanAhead will remove the MYXILINX variable from the local environment that it will be running in. Therefore, when an ISE tool (XST, NGDBUILD, MAP, PAR, etc.) is run from the PlanAhead tool, the files pointed to by the MYXILINX variable will not be found.

There are two ways to work around this issue:

  • Set the MYXILINX from inside PlanAhead with Tcl commands:

    set env(MYXILINX) <path to patch directory>
    puts $env(MYXILINX) (for verification)

    NOTE:  This solution only works for the current PlanAhead session.

  • Set the XIL_PA_NO_XILINX_OVERRIDE environment variable to prevent the PlanAhead loader script from removing the MYXILINX variable:


    With XIL_PA_NO_XILINX_OVERRIDE variable set, the Xilinx and MYXILINX variables will not be altered by the PlanAhead loader script. Therefore, you must verify that these variables are set correctly before running the PlanAhead tool.

Also, see (Xilinx Answer 2493) - ISE - How to use the MYXILINX environment variable to enable software patches.



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