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LogiCORE IP SMPTE SDI - Is the value mentioned in the Table 9 of XAPP592 and XAPP892 the frame rate?


Is the value mentioned in the Table 9 of XAPP592 and XAPP892 the frame rate?


The table 9 in the XAPP captures the details of the video rates in the terminology commonly used by broadcasters and should not be confused for the actual frame rate. The frame rate is mentioned as a comment in the multigenHD_output.v of the XAPP design files.  Thus, for example, where Table 9 lists video format 2 as 1080i 60 Hz (field rate), multigenHD lists it as 1080i 30 Hz (frame rate).

The value seen in the ChipScope VIO RX Transport rate , correlates to the frame rate.



AR# 54366
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