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AR# 54377

ISE Design Suite 14.4 - Security Attributes in XST


XST generates a netlist with bad connectivity which then errors out with the following message during Translate when security attributes (ATTRIBUTE SECURE_CONFIG) are added to a module.

ERROR:NgdBuild:456 - logical net
    'EtherCAT_IPCore_inst/EtherCAT_IPCore_inst/ESC_EEPROM0_CONFIG<2>' has both
    active and tristate drivers...
    Active driver(s) of net

XST puts a KEEP_HIERARCHY attribute on a module/entity with the secure attribute. As a result, this module/entity is not flattened, and all instances below this module/entity or external to this module/entity that do not have the security attributes will be flattened. This is how XST treats the security attributes. The problem is that the internal tri-state logic, within the module/entity containing the security attributes, is not converted to logic. Therefore, XST is not able to bring them to the top level where the I/O Pads are available (as they are deep down due to the hierarchy being preserved and, as a result multi-drivers are obtained).


This issue has been fixed in the 14.5 tools in the following manner:

The security attributes in the HDL need only be placed on the top-level entity and is enough to protect all lower level entities. In addition, the following settings have to incorporated.

For GUI:

  • Setting Environmental variable XIL_XST_TRST2LOG_FOR_SECURED to 1 

For command line:

  • Add the following two lines in the .xst file:
    a. set -checkcmdline no (before the run command in the .xst file)
    b. -trst_to_logic_for_secured 1 (last line of the .xst file)

The 14.4 patch is attached to this answer record which can be used with the above options.

For GUI:

Patch_Bosch_14.4_updated.zip needs to be used along with the above mentioned GUI setting.

For command line:

Patch_Bosch_14.4.zip needs to be used along with the above mentioned command line environmental settings.


文件名 文件大小 File Type
Patch_Bosch_14.4.zip 17 MB ZIP
Patch_Bosch_14.4_updated.zip 17 MB ZIP
AR# 54377
日期 07/10/2013
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
  • ISE Design Suite - 14