AR# 54378


MIG Virtex-6 v3.92 QDRII+ - faulty DRC error during custom pinout validation


Version Found: MIG Virtex-6 and Spartan-6 v3.92
Version Resolved: Not Resolved

A custom pinout generated in MIG v3.91 may fail in MIG v3.92 during pinout validation, with the following error:



If this error message is received, check your pinout for violations, and if none exist, this message is safe to ignore. 

This is a known issue and is a result of the Qvalid signal being removed in MIG v3.92, which will prevent the user from generating a MIG v3.92 design. 

To work around the issue, the following steps can be taken: 

  1. Generate the fixed pinout design in MIG v3.91. 
  2. Generate the default design in MIG v3.92.
  3. Copy the MIG v3.91 UCF file and replace the MIG v3.92 UCF.
  4. Copy the MIG v3.91 top-level parameters in example_design.v and/or <user_design>.v and replace the parameters in the corresponding MIG v3.92 design.
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AR# 54378
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