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AR# 5467

Error Baspp - This design contains logic. . .correlated back annotation is not supported


Keywords: Baspp, ngdanno, ngm, timing simulation

Urgency: Normal

General Description: Error Baspp - This design contains logic
for which correlated back annotation is not supported. Please
rerun ngdanno without without ngm.



To avoid this error, turn off 'Correlate Simulation Data to
Input Design'. To get to the location of this check box, goto
Implement -> Options -> Simulation 'Edit Template'.

If running command line, remove the .ngm file from the ngdanno
command line.


The ngm file is used for matching original, internal net names to the
post-optmized net names. By unchecking the correlate design files, it
tells the software to not attempt to match up optmized net names with
original net names, this does not mean that the design will not be
back annotated. The netlist will still be back annotated, however, internal
nets may not have the same names as they had before optmization. However,
The interface signals going to pins etc. will still have the same names
as they originally had.

AR# 5467
日期 06/13/2002
状态 Archive
Type ??????