AR# 547


MEN2XNF8 5.x: Could not find a registered simulation model with label: 'xc____'


Keywords: men2xnf8, simulation, label, model

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After retargeting a design from one device family to another, Men2XNF8
(during ENWrite) gives the warning below, which reflects the family FROM
which the design was targeted. The warning in this example reflects a
design that was targeted from the XC3000 family.

// Warning: Instance: '/RETARGETED/SYMBOL'
// Could not find a registered simulation model with label: 'xc3000'
// NULL model will be inserted. (from: Analysis/Digital Simulation
Utilities/Dsim 85)

ENWrite (Mentor's EDIF netlister) uses an XNF viewpoint to determine which
device family it should target. Changing the library references in a design
does nothing to its viewpoints, so the XNF viewpoint still reflects the old
device family. However, the new library elements in the design expect to
see a reference to the new device family; thus the warning message.


Delete the XNF viewpoint, then run Men2XNF8 again. This time, Men2XNF8 will
see that the viewpoint does not exist, and will recreate it for the correct

For further instructions, see Solution 766, "How to delete a design
viewpoint in Mentor."
AR# 547
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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