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Vivado - Is there a tool like SmartXplorer in Vivado?


I used SmartXplorer in ISE to try different strategies and to implement the design with different cost tables to close timing.

Is there an equivalent in Vivado?


Vivado does not have an equivalent of cost tables because the Vivado placer is very deterministic and is driven by timing, congestion and wire length.

Cost tables do not match with these algorithms.

Vivado does have a large array of strategies targeted for specific problems (timing, area, power, congestion)

The Strategies and called directives invoke different algorithms and in that sense inject variability but not randomness, like cost tables do.

Although there is not a direct replacement for SmartXplorer in Vivado, a similar result can be achieved by creating multiple design runs and altering the strategy within that set.

    1. Open Project Settings.
    2. Alter the desired options then save the Strategy.
    3. Under the Design Runs Tab, click create runs.
    4. Choose Synthesis, Implementation, or both, then Choose Strategy and Constraints.
AR# 54776
日期 09/03/2014
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