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AR# 54812

Vivado 2013.2 - How can I make Vivado "IP local" so I can make changes to the HDL source?


In EDK, there was an option to make IP local to the project directory. This allowed the user to modify the HDL source without having to modify the original IP delivered with EDK.

Is there a similar option in Vivado (IP Integrator)?


There is currently no automated way to do this in the Vivado 2013.2 design tool.

There are two possibilities:

1) For small modifications without adding or removing files from the IP:

Copy the IP folder by hand from the Vivado installation directory and add them as a user repository.

The IP in the Vivado installation can be found at:  <Vivado Install>\Vivado\2013.2\data\ip\xilinx

To add a user repository, select the setting button below:

Then, add the repository or directory IP you want to include in the IPI design:

Note: many Xilinx IP are encrypted so most code cannot be edited.

2) For large modifications (e.g., adding or removing files from the IP):

Warning: this is an advanced flow!

If not already done, first generate the IP output products.

Run the following TCL command:
report_compile_order -constraints to get the information about which IP XDC constraints

Remove the IP (XCI-file) from the Vivado project and add the sources back to the project:

  • add the IP toplevel HDL file from the IP generated products "synth" directory
  • add the other subdirectories and place them in a library with the same name
  • do not add the example design
  • add the XDC files and set the right properties (OOC, reference, cells, ...) as specified by report_compile_order (verify by running report_compile_order again)

Example of other subdirectories:


These are the libraries that need to be set:

set_property library blk_mem_gen_v8_0 [get_files  ip_16/blk_mem_gen_v8_0/*]

set_property library fifo_generator_v10_0 [get_files  ip_16/fifo_generator_v10_0/*]

set_property library cpri_v7_0 [get_files  ip_16/cpri_v7_0/*]

AR# 54812
日期 07/01/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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