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14.x XPA - What does the Design Nets Matched and Simulation Nets Matched mean in the XPA report?


I ran the Xilinx Power Analyzer from the ISE tool with a VCD file as input. The XPA report shows the below contents. What is the meaning of these values? What are the Design Nets Matched to and what are the simulation nets matched to?

Design Nets Matched       | 11%   (7830/70701)
Simulation Nets Matched   | 6%   (4379/70696)   


When you analyze the power in the XPA tool, the tool uses a VCD file as a help file to include the actual signal transitions for power calculations. When you include this file, the tool tries to match the number of nets in the VCD file to the total number of design nets. This values shows up in the power report.

The Design Nets Matched are the design nets that match something in the simulation file (SAIF/VCD).  The Simulation Nets Matched are the simulation nets that match something in the design.

Design Nets Matched = Number of design nets present in the VCD or SAIF file / Total number of Design Nets
Simulation Nets Matched = Number of simulation nets present in the design / Total number of Simulation Nets

AR# 54995
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