AR# 55243


LogiCORE IP FIR Compiler v7.0 - Core is incorrectly synthesized when core configure with dynamic shift ram inference


If I synthesize the core within Vivado Design Suite 2013.1 with FIR Compiler v7.0, the block that implements a dynamic shift RAM is not being synthesized correctly.


This is a known issue with FIR Compiler v7.0. The error is confined to the following FIR Compiler configurations of the core:

  • Advanced Channel Configuration and with a single pattern is specified
  • A single channel within the pattern appears in adjacent slots (e.g., 0001 or 00000012).

The error will show up in any netlist simulation and in hardware as a persistent mismatch of M_AXIS_DATA_TDATA versus the desired behavior (as described by the simulation model).

To work around this issue, specify a second pattern where no channel appears in consecutive slots (e.g., 0101 or 01230123). This second pattern need not be used.



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54502 IP Release Notes and Known Issues for LogiCORE IP FIR Compiler core for Vivado 2013.1 and newer tools N/A N/A
AR# 55243
日期 06/11/2013
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