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Soft Error Mitigation v3.5 - Reporting incorrect scan starting frame address (SF) in the Status Report


The starting frame address is reported incorrectly at the UART port.

This issue may impact customers who are using the starting frame address (SF) to determine the valid range of frame addresses for LFA injection commands.

The SF value is incorrectly reported as 0 for all devices and all configurations of the IP.

However, when the IP is configured to disable scanning in the bottom GT row, the SF should not be 0.


When targeting Spartan-6 LX75T, LX100T, or LX150T devices, and configuring the IP to disable scanning in the bottom GT row, the starting frame address (SF) listed in the Status Report is reported incorrectly.

This is just a reporting issue; the actual device scan is operating correctly.


When the status command "S" is input to the Monitor Shim UART, the range of addresses that are scanned, or the possible range of injection addresses are output in the format below.
The Spartan-6 device status report is in the following format:

SF {6-digit hex value} Starting Frame (linear count)
MF {6-digit hex value} Maximum Frame (linear count)
SC {2-digit hex value} Current State
FC {2-digit hex value} Current Flags
FS {2-digit hex value} Feature Set


Please download the patch file ( at the end of this answer record. 

This patch fixes the starting frame address issue in the Status report. 

This ZIP file is comprised of four files that get overlaid on the Xilinx install, the HDL file with the fix, the readme/vinfo, and the component.xml file.

The readme/vinfo and xml file indicate that the patch is SEM v3.5 Rev 1.


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AR# 55277
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