AR# 55370

55370 – Soft Error Mitigation – SEM IP cores in Vivado 2013.1 (or earlier) may fail to initialize in Virtex-7 SSI devices


SEM IP cores in Vivado 2013.1 tools (or earlier) may fail to initialize in Virtex-7 SSI devices.  The specific devices affected are the XC7V2000T, XC7VX1140T, XC7VH870T, and XC7VH580T.

The first symptom of this issue is an incomplete observation prompt following the initialization report.  The observation prompt is missing the ">" character after the "O", like this:

SC 01
FS 02
SC 02

In response to user applied commands or random soft error events, the core will transmit one or more lines of information, ultimately issuing a HLT message.  This message indicates an uncorrectable error condition exists and the core has halted operation.


The root cause of this SEM IP core issue has been identified as a failure in the inter-process synchronization between the controllers on each SLR and the example design.

The issue is resolved and will be provided in the SEM IP core in Vivado 2013.2.  All customers targeting Virtex-7 SSI devices must upgrade to the SEM IP core from Vivado 2013.2 (or later).

Typically, integration of the SEM IP core into a project includes most or all of the example design source code in addition to the controller.  The example design source code and the controller must be upgraded together.

Please note that the Vivado auto-upgrade feature will upgrade only the controller.  To upgrade the example design source code, regenerate the example design output products and copy them into the project.

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AR# 55370
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