AR# 5538


DataBook: Bonding of XC9536-CS48 in the datasheet seems to be different than that of XC9536XL-CS48


Keywords: Bonding, CS48, XC9536, XC9536XL

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

The bonding of XC9536-CS48 and XC9536XL-CS48 seem to be different according to
the 1999 DataBook available on Xilinx Web Site
For example macro cell 18 of function block one and macro cell 18 of function
block two are not bonded in XC9536-CS48 device (page 5-80 of the 1999 DataBook)
while in XC9536XL-CS48 they are bonded to D3 and E4 respectively (page 5-26 of
the XC9536 In-System Programmable CPLD v1.0).



There has been an improvement in the XC9500XL pinout in that the 'not connected'
were used as bond outs for certain macrocells. These bound outs represent
additional pins in the XC9536XL. That is if you have a XC9536 these locations
should not have been used. There are four pins that used to be 'not connected'
that are now bonded out in the XC9536XL device.

AR# 5538
日期 04/30/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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