AR# 55523

14.5 SDK Flash Writer - Offset option (required for multiboot and fallback flow) does not work


In order to test the MULTIBOOT flow on production silicon, I need to be able to load different images at different offsets.

The problem is that in 14.5 SDK, the Offset option for the Flash Writer does not work, and the image is always programmed at location 0x0 of the flash.


To work around this issue, use u-boot to program the images at the desired offset (using .bin files).

Another way to work around this issue is to use PROMGen to stitch together the ".bin" files into a monolithic ".mcs", and then use that ".mcs" to program the flash using SDK Flash Writer.

This is an example of the PROMGen command line:

promgen w p mcs spi o complete_image data_file up 000000 image1.bin data_file up 400000 image2.bin data_file up a00000 image3.bin

Note: For more PROMGen command line options, see the chapter 17 in the Xilinx Command Line User Guide:

AR# 55523
日期 01/15/2018
状态 Active
Type 已知问题