AR# 55782


v2013.04 - PetaLinux - When Debugging with QEMU Network, Accesses cause QEMU to Hang


Periodically, when using QEMU to debug a system, network accessing from with the emulated system will cause QEMU to hang.


When this issue occurs, the normal exit mechanism for QEMU (Ctrl+A+X) will not allow the user to exit QEMU.  If this occurs, the process ID for QEMU must be identified and killed manually.

To identify the QEMU process ID, use a syntax such as:

$> ps ax | grep qemu

Once the proper process ID has been identified, it can be killed with:

$> kill process_id

After killing the QEMU process, the debugging/emulation session can be restarted.

AR# 55782
日期 06/03/2013
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