AR# 558


Obsolete -- Orcad: SDT2XNF fatal error DS35-SDT-ERROR-008: syntax error in inf file


SDT2xnf can issue the following error message:

INF2XNF: Fatal Error:
A 'PTG' syntax error was detected at line number '##' of INF file


The most common cause of this error is:

1) The schematic contains a set of global XC7000 attributes as text:


2) The schematic also contains a set of LINK statements to other schematics:


If these sets of text are vertically aligned, even if there are blank lines
in between, the INET program assumes that these sets of text are related, and
writes the INF file accordingly.

SDT2XNF sees an INF file with '|link' as a global XC7000 attribute. Since
this is not a vaild attribute, SDT2XNF issues the syntax error.

Move the sets of text so that they are no longer vertically aligned.
AR# 558
日期 04/30/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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