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LogiCORE IP Video Scaler v7.01.a - Patch Updates for the Video Scaler


This answer record contains patch updates for the Video Scaler v7.01.a.


Video Scaler v7.01.a Patch

For a detailed list of LogiCORE IP Video Scaler Release Notes and Known Issues, and the issues that are fixed by this patch, see (Xilinx Answer 31958)

The patch can be found and downloaded at the end of this answer record.

pcore Installation/Use:

To use pcore, extract it to a local pcore directory and restart XPS. 

To confirm that it is installed correctly, read the Version register (0x0010) and verify that the PATCH_ID nibble (bits 11-8) is 2 or greater.

CORE Generator Install/Use:

Install the patch by extracting the contents of the ".zip" archive to the root directory of the XILINX (Xilinx ISE installation), or your MYXILINX environment variable. 

Select the option that allows the extractor to overwrite all of the existing files and maintain the directory structure predefined in the archive.

For further information on finding the Xilinx install and using the environment variable, see (Xilinx Answer 11630).

For further information on using the MYXILINX environment variable, see (Xilinx Answer 2493).

Note: You might need to have a system administrator install the patch if you do not have write permissions to the Xilinx Install directory, or cannot use the MYXILINX option. 

You can determine if the patch has been properly installed by checking to see if the patch_readme directory under the root directory under XILINX or the MYXILINX environment variable directories contain the _revX_readme.txt file (where X is the patch number).

For a detailed list of LogiCORE IP Video Scaler Release Notes and Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 31958).




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