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14.5 iMPACT - Executing an XSVF created in iMPACT GUI for indirect BPI programming with Kintex-7 devices produces an error


I have created and attached a MCS file for BPI device on KC705 board in iMPACT 14.5. BPI programming works fine using the MCS file.

I have created an SVF file in the iMPACT GUI to program the BPI device. The SVF played successfully.

I have created an XSVF file in the iMPACT GUI to program the BPI device, but when attempting to execute the XSVF, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:iMPACT:1876 - The xsvf execute operation did not complete successfully."


To work around this issue, convert the working SVF to XSVF using iMPACT batch mode and the following command:

svf2xsvf -w -r 0 -fpga -rlen 36000 -i input.svf -o output.xsvf

The generated XSVF should work without any issues.



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AR# 55955
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