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LogicoreIP Aurora 64B66B - Interoperability between Virtex-6 GTH and 7 Series GTX


Can Aurora 64bB66B core operate between Virtex-6 GTH and 7 series GTX?


Aurora 64B66B core targeting Virtex-6 GTH uses gearbox module designed inside the fabric. When targeting other GT's (Example: Virtex-6 GTX, Kintex-7 GTX, etc.), the core uses the Gearbox module available inside the transceiver. The gearbox in use for Virtex-6 GTH and the gearbox available in other GTX are found to be incompatible. As a result, Aurora 64B66B  cannot be used for link between  Virtex-6 GTH and other GTXs.

As a workaround, either one of the following could be used:

1) Use 7 series GTH in place of Virtex-6 GTH.
2) Use Virtex-6 GTX in place of Virtex-6 GTH.

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AR# 56097
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