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Foundation Express - Version 3.1 is available in F1.5i Service Pack 1


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Foundation Express v3.1 is now available on the Software Updates page at:

Foundation Express v3.1 provides enhancements and new features, including Schematic Viewer (Vista), FST Scripting Tool, attribute passing, and Virtex MuxF5 support.

From the Software Updates page, select Foundation 1.5i as your Xilinx Software version, and then select "Generate List" to see the Service Pack Update files that are available for download.

The Foundation Express Synthesis Update provides an upgrade to the Foundation Express v3.1 synthesis tools.

For more information on upgrading the Foundation 1.5i Design Entry, Design Implementation, Data Files and CORE Generator software, see (Xilinx Solution 5604).


The following installation instructions apply to the Foundation Express Synthesis Update:

File Name: FEXP_SP1A.ZIP

Description: Foundation F1.5i Service Pack 1 to provide update to Foundation Express synthesis tools. This update will install Express v3.1.

FEXP_SP1A.ZIP is an incremental release to FEXP_SP1.ZIP which adds new .pts files to support additional speed grades in the XC4000XLA, XC4000XV, Virtex, and SpartanXL families. If you have already installed FEXP_SP1.ZIP, you simply need to rerun the license_upd.bat from this newer FEXP_SP1A.ZIP to gain access to the newer speed grades.

Platform: Windows 95/Windows NT

Unzip the contents of FEXP_SP1A.ZIP into a Temp directory, maintaining subdirectory structure.
The ZIP file will extract a subdirectory called FEXP_SP1, which contains the Service Pack update files as follows:


To install Express v3.1:

1. Double-click on express_31.exe.

-The InstallShield should automatically fill in the
installation directory with the correct location of
your current Express software (typically C:\fndtn\synth).

-You should allow the Program Group 'Synopsys' to be
created for this installation of Express (this is the default).

2. Double-click on license_upd.bat.

If you are prompted to overwrite or delete existing files or directories, select "Yes" to overwrite/delete.

Updating the Express license:

This service pack will install version 3.1.0 of the Synopsys FPGA Express synthesis technology. There are no license file changes required to take advantage of the new synthesis engine.

However, to access the new Schematic Viewer capabilities included with this version of FPGA Express, Foundation Express users will need to update the existing PACKAGE entry of their current license.dat file. The new PACKAGE statement can be found at %XILINX%\data\license_update.txt. Please refer to this file for instructions on modifying your LICENSE.DAT file.

Please note that the Schematic Viewer feature is only available for Foundation Express configurations. Foundation Base configurations will not have access to the Schematic Viewer, and therefore there is no need to update the LICENSE.DAT file for Foundation Base systems.

NOTE: The Schematic Viewer is currently available only from Foundation Express in stand-alone mode.

Installation Troubleshooting:

1. If the readme file does not come up at end of installation on Windows 95:

You may open this file from the Synopsys Program Group at Start -> Programs -> Synopsys -> Readme File.

2. If invoking FPGA Express from the Synopsys Program Group causes a license error:

Open the Express tool from the Foundation Series Program Group at Start -> Programs -> Xilinx Foundation Series -> Accessories -> Foundation Express rather than from the Synopsys Program Group; this way, Express sees the correct license file.

3. If an error regarding missing DLL files is reported when you attempt to open Foundation Express stand-alone:

This happens when the license_upd.bat file was not run during installation of the Service Pack. Return to the Service Pack files and run license_upd.bat.
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