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Artix-7 FPGA AC701 Evaluation Kit - (UG952) v1.1 FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_P and FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_N not listed in Table 1-26 HPC Connections


For the AC701 Evaluation Board for the Artix-7 FPGA User Guide (UG952), Table 1-26 lists the HPC connections, J30 to FPGA U1.

This table does not list FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_P and FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_N. What are the connections for these pins?


The connections for FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_P and FMC1_HPC_CLK1_M2C_N are listed in the following table:

UG952 v1.2 has been updated to reflect this pinout.



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AR# 56314
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