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AR# 56328

2013.1 - What are the switches behind all the strategies in Vivado?


Vivado 2013.1 design tools introduce a whole new range of strategies. Where can I find an overview of the switches behind these strategies?


Here is an overview of the strategies and the individual switches:
Implementation Strategy Name opt_design -directive place_design -directive phys_opt_design -directive route_design -directive
Performance_Explore Explore Explore Explore Explore
Performance_RefinePlacement Default ExtraPostPlacementOpt Default NoTimingRelaxation
Performance_WLBlockPlacement Default WLDrivenBlockPlacement AlternateReplication MoreGlobalIterations
Performance_WLBlockPlacementFanoutOpt Default WLDrivenBlockPlacement AggressiveFanoutOpt HigherDelayCost
Performance_LateBlockPlacement Default LateBlockPlacement AlternateReplication HigherDelayCost
Performance_NetDelay_high Default ExtraNetDelay_high Default AdvancedSkewModeling
Performance_NetDelay_ Default ExtraNetDelay_ Default AdvancedSkewModeling
Performance_NetDelay_low Default ExtraNetDelay_low Default AdvancedSkewModeling
Performance_ExploreSLLs Default SSI_ExtraTimingOpt Default NoTimingRelaxation
Area_Explore ExploreArea Default Default Default
Power_DefaultOpt Default Default Default Default
Flow_RunPhysOpt Default Default Default Default
Flow_RuntimeOptimized Default RuntimeOptimized not enabled RuntimeOptimized
Flow_Quick Default Quick not enabled Quick
Congestion_SpreadLogic_high Default SpreadLogic_high AggressiveFanoutOpt MoreGlobalIterations
Congestion_SpreadLogic_ Default SpreadLogic_ AggressiveFanoutOpt HigherDelayCost
Congestion_SpreadLogic_low Default SpreadLogic_low Default NoTimingRelaxation
Congestion_SpreadLogicSLLs Default SSI_SpreadSLLs Default NoTimingRelaxation
Congestion_BalanceSLLs Default SSI_BalanceSLLs Default NoTimingRelaxation
Congestion_BalanceSLRs Default SSI_BalanceSLRs Default Default
Congestion_CompressSLRs Default SSI_HighUtilSLRs Default Default
AR# 56328
日期 06/12/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.1