AR# 56538

2013.2 Vivado IP Integrator - UART setting in XPS for a PS7 system are not preserved if "Preset Import" done in IPI


The UART settings in the XPS for a PS7 system are not getting preserved if the Preset Import is done to import a system to IP Integrator (IPI) for an IPI Zynq flow.


In Vivado Design Suite 2013.2, there are known limitations of Preset Export/Import from XPS to IPI Zynq flow:

  • UART settings in XPS flow are not exported
  • PS-PL interface data in XPS flows are not exported into IPI
  • In XPS flow there is a single BAUD rate setting for the UART peripheral

In IPI, the settings for UART is for separate MIO's; UART0 and UART1.

The default value of the BAUD rate for these settings is 115200 in IPI. When a user migrates from XPS flow with UART settings set to 9600, they would show as 115200 in IPI.

The UART0/UART1 settings need to be set to 9600 as needed by the user in the PS7 GUI of IPI.

In Vivado Design Suite 2013.3, the PS7 system in IPI will handle all preset files of XPS regardless of its version.

AR# 56538
日期 12/16/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题