AR# 56539


2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Bus interface property ID_WIDTH mis-match when mig_7series IP is connected to an AXI Interconnect


In the Vivado IP Integrator system, if the mig_7series IP is connected to the AXI Interconnect, the system will return an error during validation similar to the following:

BD 41-237] Bus Interface property ID_WIDTH does not match between /mig_7series_1/S_AXI(1) and /axi_interconnect/xbar/M00_AXI(2)

How can I address this?


To fix this issue, the user needs to re-customize the mig_7series IP and set the width equal or greater than the interconnect interface.

In the example shown in the above error message, the value needs to be set to 2.

An example snapshot is shown below in the AXI Parameter options:



The MIG ID width propagation was fixed in Vivado 2013.3.

AR# 56539
日期 09/07/2017
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