AR# 56584


2013.2 - Vivado IP Integrator - Changing AXI protocol in Interface properties is not getting reflected in HDL wrapper


In my Vivado IP Integrator design, the AXI bus is made external and the interface properties are changed to have the AXI protocol set to AXI4Lite, and the HDL wrapper has been created.

However, the AXI4 signals are still seen, instead of the AXI4Lite signals.


To update the AXI protocol for external AXI interface:

  1. Highlight the AXI port in the block diagram. 
  2. In the External Interface Properties, drop down the CONFIG list and locate the PROTOCOL option.
  3. Change this to AXI4LITE. 
  4. Regenerate the output Products (right click the block diagram in Sources, and select Generate Output Products)
  5. Close the Block Diagram (to do this select the X in the top right hand corner of the Block Diagram window). 
  6. Re-open the Block Diagram.
  7. Re-generate the HDL wrapper and the signals should now be correct.

This issue is fixed starting in Vivado 2013.3.

AR# 56584
日期 03/23/2015
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