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AR# 56696

2013.2 Licensing - Vivado 2013.2 does not find the Design Linking (Simulation Only) licenses available with install


Many IP in the Vivado IP catalog require a license to be purchased in order to have full access to the IP to implement an IP core and use it in the final design.

However, the Vivado tool is shipped with a license file that contains many Design_Linking licenses. 

The Design_Linking license allows the user to:

  • Generate an IP core for an IP needing a purchased license
  • Synthesize a design containing the IP core
  • Place and Route a design containing the IP core
  • Simulate a design containing the IP core

In Vivado 2013.2, the Design_Linking licenses are not being recognized.

When I attempt to customize the IP, I see the following message in the lower left corner of the customization GUI:

IP License not found. Customization will remain disabled

Running Synthesis fails with:

Fatal Error. License Check failed for secure IP. Exiting Synthesis.
License Check diagnostics :


The license file containing the Design_Linking licenses is correctly installed in the core_licenses directory under the Vivado directory (e.g., C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2013.2\ids_lite\ISE\coregen\core_license\Xilinx.lic). However, it is not being read for IP licensing.

To work around this issue, copy the Xilinx.lic file from this directory and put it in the $HOMEDRIVE/.Xilinx directory, or in any directory pointed to by the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. You should take care not to overwrite an existing Xilinx.lic file. The name of the file can be any name with a .lic extension.

This issue is resolved in Vivado 2013.3.

AR# 56696
日期 10/04/2013
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2