AR# 56704

14.x iMPACT - 7 series, indirect SPI programming fails with "INFO:Cse - CseXsdb_burstSlaveRead failed while polling." and " ERROR:Cse - Error writing to Core controller."


If I attempt indirect programming on an SPI flash, the following error occurs in the iMPACT console and the operation fails:

ERROR:Cse - Error writing to XSDB port.
INFO:Cse - CseXsdb_burstSlaveRead failed while polling.
ERROR:Cse - Error writing to Core controller.
ERROR:Cse - Error writing to XSDB port

How do I work around this issue?


This issue only occurs when there is more than one device targeted in the JTAG chain.

To work around this issue, ensure the JTAG chain contains the targeted 7 series device.

This issue will be resolved in iMPACT 14.7. For further assistance, please contact Xilinx Technical Support:



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AR# 56704
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