AR# 56820


7 Series GTX Transceiver - EyeScan Power Consumption in Production Silicon


When generating a design with the 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard for the 7 Series GTX Production Silicon, the EyeScan feature is turned on. This will cause an additional current draw on MGTAVCC supply or power consumption compared to the Xilinx Power Estimator tool which does not reflect the power due to EyeScan.


If the EyeScan feature is not desired, this can be turned off to save power by setting the attribute PMA_RSV2[5] to 1'b0. This will save the additional current draw of 17.5 mA per GTX transceiver on the MGTAVCC supply.
AR# 56820
日期 10/21/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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