AR# 5685


F1.5i_sp1 -9500XV auto-selection does not work automatically in the current release


Keywords: 9500XV, auto-selection, F1.5i_SP1, SP1

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use the auto-selection for the 9500XV, the 9500XV family is not targeted automatically in the current version.


When using the Foundation Schematic flow:

1. Go to File -> Project Type.
2. For the family, select XC9500XL.
3. For the part, select the XC95*XV.
4.Click Implementation -> and select the XC95*XV from the device pull-down menu.
(Step four is not automatically selected.)

When using the Foundation HDL flow:

1. Click on the Synthesis button in the flow chart.
2. Select the Target Device family as XC9500XL.
3. Select the Target Device as XC9500XV and click "Run."
4. Go to the Versions tab in the Foundation Project Manager.
5. Right-click on "Ver - optimized."
6. Select "Target new device."
7. Select the XC95*XV family, and click "OK."
8. Right-click on the rev, and select "invoke interactive flow engine."
9. Select the arrow to start the flow engine.
AR# 5685
日期 06/27/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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