AR# 56930

14.x iMPACT - Zynq-7000 SoC Production: PL does not configure if booting from QSPI/NAND/SD/NOR boot mode with invalid image


If booting from any boot mode other than JTAG and a valid image is NOT provided (for example blank QSPI) the BootROM goes into a (non-secure) ErrorLockDown.

At this point, the PL programming using iMPACT fails. 

Why does this occur?



The JTAG chain is still available but the BootROM asserts devcfg.CTRL{PCFG_PROG_B} during (non-secure) ErrorLockDown preventing any attempt at PL programming.

iMPACT is not able to change the devcfg.CTRL{PCFG_PROG_B} so this must be done using XMD prior to PL programming.

The suggested work-around is to always try to program the PL using iMPACT after booting a VALID image from QSPI/NAND/SD/NOR, or booting in JTAG mode.

If booting from QSPI/NAND/SD/NOR with an invalid image, then XMD can be used to de-assert devcfg.CTRL{PCFG_PROG_B}.

AR# 56930
日期 05/28/2018
状态 Active
Type 已知问题