AR# 57386


Vivado - "Error when launching vivado.bat: Launcher time out"


Vivado Design Suite fails to open on a Windows platform.

Two minutes after Vivado is launched, the following error occurs:

Error when launching 'C:\Xilinx\Vivado\2013.4\.\bin\vivado.bat': Launcher time out


The Vivado.bat file calls a launcher.bat file which monitors the launching of the Vivado executable.

If the Vivado executable has not opened after two minutes, the launcher will time out and issue the above error.

In order to find out what is actually going wrong in this case, you should first open a command window and then run vivado.bat from the command window.

This will provide more information about what is being run and where the launch fails.

Most cases that experience this "Launcher time out" error have been found to be related to one of the following issues:

  • A corrupt install - In this case, you should reinstall the software after verifying that the MD5 download checksum matches the value on the Download page:
    Note: In Vivado 2014.1, the file download format has been changed to .tar.gz to reduce the possibility of file corruption due to download glitches.
    See also: (Xilinx Answer 60117).
  • A machine where the Microsoft redistributable libraries were not installed or incorrectly installed; see (Xilinx Answer 53793).
  • The .bat file extension has been changed to open with another program (like Notepad); see (Xilinx Answer 59994).
  • MYVIVADO is set to a patch not applicable to the current version of Vivado; see (Xilinx Answer 53821)



AR# 57386
日期 01/06/2016
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