AR# 57440


Tri Mode Ethernet MAC v7.0, MII - Update to XDC constraints


When using the Tri Mode Ethernet MAC v7.0, there is incorrect XDC syntax in the <component_name>_clocks.xdc file which needs to be removed for permutations with the following:

  • MII
  • With AXI-Lite I/F
  • Without statistics.

For these permutations, the following XDC lines appeared in the file and should be removed:

set_clock_groups -logically_exclusive -group $ip_gtx_clk -group $ip_mii_tx_clk
set_false_path -from [get_cells {<=: CompName :>_core/trimac_top/*/*MANAGEN/CONF/INT_*reg[*]}] -to $ip_gtx_clk
set_false_path -from [get_cells {<=: CompName :>_core/trimac_top/*/*MANAGEN/CONF/INT_*reg}] -to $ip_gtx_clk
set_max_delay -from [get_cells {axi4_lite_ipif/axi_lite_top/*/bus2ip_addr_reg_reg[*]}] -to $ip_gtx_clk 6 -datapath_only


This issue has been addressed in the v7.0 (Rev1) update (See (Xilinx Answer 57446))

It will also be addressed in the v8.0 core scheduled to be released in Vivado 2013.3.



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57446 Tri Mode Ethernet MAC v7.0 (Rev1) - Downloadable Rev1 patch update N/A N/A
AR# 57440
日期 09/23/2014
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