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Vivado Simulation - How do I back-annotate an IP with a functional simulation model in a behavioral simulation?


I am running a behavioral simulation and, for various reasons, I need to use a functional simulation model for a specific piece of IP.

What is the best way to do this?


Starting in 2013.3, Vivado now delivers IP along with functional simulation models by default. 

To back annotate your behavioral simulation with a functional simulation model for a Xilinx IP, you simply need to:

  1. Highlight your IP in the 'Hierarchy' tab of the 'Sources' pane.
  2. In the 'Properties' tab of the 'Source File Properties' pane, uncheck the 'USED_IN_SIMULATION' parameter.

  3. Right-click the 'Simulation Sets' folder in the 'Hierarchy' tab of the 'Sources' pane and select 'Edit Simulation Sets'.

  4. In the 'Add Sources' window, add the appropriate functional simulation model from the IP's sources directory.
    Click 'Finish'.

  5. Check your sim_1 set in the 'Hierarchy' window of the 'Sources' pane to ensure it is now using the <IP_INST_NAME>_funcsim.v/vhd for your IP.

  6. Run behavioral simulation.


Prior to 2013.3, the functional simulation model was not generated automatically with the IP. 

Therefore, you must first synthesize the IP and run write_verilog/write_vhdl Tcl commands to get your functional simulation model.

From there, repeat steps 1-6 above.



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