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AR# 5824

1.5i Map - FATAL_ERROR:xvkma:xvkmapper.c:1691:1.113 - Cannot satisfy LOC/RLOC constraint


FATAL_ERROR:xvkma:xvkmapper.c:1691:1.113 - Cannot satisfy LOC/RLOC constraint
on comp $I30/$1I79/$I30/I7 Process will terminate. Please call Xilinx

A case has been seen where map can not pack a configuration where a CYMUX drives an FMAP equivalent to a 2 input XOR.


This is a problem with XORCY conversion code, the user has a FMAP which after
simplification (constant pushing, etc), becomes a 2 input XOR gate, which happens to
have one of the input driven by a CYMUX. We convert it to XORCY and thus prevent it
from being packed into the desired slice.

This problem can be worked around by seeting the following environment variable
which forced the use of a different carry merge algorithm:

setenv XVKMAP_OLD_CARRY_MERGE 1 (work stations)
AR# 5824
日期 04/25/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章