AR# 58345

iMPACT - Crash issues and work-around while opening tool from within the ISE design tools


Most of the time, you can launch the iMPACT tool from within ISE successfully. However, in some cases, you might experience iMPACT crash or errors as follows:

"_impact.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."
"_impact.exe has stopped working"
" ERROR:ProjectRepository:14 - Unable to create temporary directory <C:\<path>/tmp/ipf> for storing project file contents
INFO:iMPACT:2643 - Could not open <name>.ipf"


To work around this issue, it is recommended that you launch iMPACT standalone, and then load the IPF project. Also, make sure you have write permissions on the directory that is storing the IPF file.



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47890 14.x iMPACT - Known Issues for the iMPACT 14.x tools N/A N/A
AR# 58345
日期 11/27/2013
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