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ZC706 - Does the ZC706 Evaluation Platform Support SDIO Cards?


The INIT LED pulses red and the system becomes unresponsive when I plug an SDIO card (e.g., WiFi) into the SD card socket on my ZC706 Evaluation Platform.

Does the ZC706 Evaluation Platform support SDIO cards?


Yes, the ZC706 Evaluation Platform can work correctly with SDIO cards, but this support requires a slight modification to the board. SDIO cards (espescially WiFi cards) require additional capacitance on on the 3.3V rail used by the SDIO interface.

Internal testing at Xilinx has shown that an additional 100uF capacitor between the 3.3V rail and GND on the SDIO interface enables SDIO functionality.

One option for such a capacitor is the following 100uF ceramic, +/-20% tolerance and X5R dielectric in a 1812 package.

A similar capacitor is available in a 1206 package which will fit better between SD connector pins.

The capacitor should be connected between pins 3 and 4 of J30, as shown below.



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