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AR# 58476

Zynq-7000 SoC ZC702 Evaluation Kit - Changes from rev 1.0 to 1.1


What changes were made to the ZC702 Evaluation Kit between revisions 1.0 and 1.1 of the PCB?


The ZC702 Rev 1.1 changes are listed below:

  • Replaced U61 TXS02612 SDIO level shifter with internal pull-ups with Maxim level shifter
  • Added series resistor 40 - 60 ohm resistor near the FPGA on the SDIO CLK trace MIO40 (E14)
  • Added parallel 100 ohm DNP pull-up and pull-down termination to the SDIO CLK trace MIO40 (E14), near the level shifter
  • DNP the CMD line 4.7 k pull-up on the SD level shifter
  • Removed 4.7 k pull-down on CKE; replaced with 40 ohm resistor to VTTDDR_PS, place termination in middle of 4 components (same T-branch topology as address / CTRL termination)
  • Changed the timing on the release of SRST_B and POR_B by changing capacitor values on Voltage Supervisor U2 (MAX16025).  Set SRST_B to 35 us delay, set POR_B to 13.2 ms delay
  • Moved VCC4A_PG signal to controller ADDR53 with VADJ
  • Add "PG C2M" label near DS24 on the silkscreen
  • Added 0 ohm and DNP resistor to Pins 2 and DNP to Pin 14 of Micron QSPI footprint, for Spansion QSPI support
  • Updated USB power / GND traces
  • Changed USB ULPI and UART differential P/N data traces to 90 ohms impedance
  • Removed R29, R30, R46, R47 resistors
  • Added +/- 50 mils length match requirement to QSPI interface
  • Changed C221 to a 0402 0 ohm resistor
  • Added 2 0.47 uF capacitors, named the VCCPLL net after the L6 filter bead

Decoupling changes:

  • ZC702 PL VCCINT: changed to 330 uF (1), 4.7 uF (5), 0.47 uF (7)
  • ZC702 PL VCCBRAM: changed to 100 uF (1), 4.7 uF (2), 0.47 uF (3)
  • ZC702 PL VCCAUX: changed to 47 uF (1), 4.7 uF (2), 0.47 uF (4)
  • ZC702 PL VCCO: changed to 47 uF (1), 4.7 uF (3), 0.47 uF (5)



AR# 58476
日期 05/28/2018
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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