AR# 5859


4.1i Floorplanner - The "Tool Tips" option in the Logic tab does not work (Japanese version only)


Keywords: Tool Tips, logic, tab, fail, not work, not working, Japanese

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Tool Tips checkbox is located in Logic tab in the "View Options" dialog box. (It can be opened by selecting the View -> Option menu.)

When I run Floorplanner with an English resource file (.jpn file with English strings included) on Japanese PCs, no tool tips appear when I point to pins in the Floorplan window.

When Floorplanner is run without any resource file, column and row label information (i.e., R7C10, etc.) appear. (The design file, English resource file, screen capture is available in /public/bug cases/CR#.)

To reproduce the problem:
1. Open Floorplanner with an English resource file.
2. Open the "flash.fnf" design located in /public/bug cases/CR#.
3. Select the View -> Option menu.
4. Click on the Logic tab and ensure that the Tool Tips box is checked.
5. Click the "Close" button.
6. Click on the Placement window.
7. Enlarge logic in the Placement window.
8. Place the mouse pointer over pins. No information will appear.


To work around this problem, you may obtain column and row label information by enabling the "Grid" checkbox. (Do this by going to the "Resources" tab in the View -> Options dialog box.)

This issue will be addressed in a future software release.
AR# 5859
日期 08/15/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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