AR# 58745


No CHANNEL_UP assertion in Aurora 8B10B v10.1 core in Simplex timer mode


Early expiry of the Simplex timer in the Simplex-TX core results in no CHANNEL_UP assertion in the Simplex-RX core.

This is observed in Artix-7 GTP and Virtex-7 GTH based cores.


Increase the simplex timer (simplex_timer_r) from 16-bit to 18-bit and increase the other timeout values given below:

  • aligned_timer = 158990
  • bonded_timer = 162996
  • verify_timer = 163508

These changes must be applied in <component name>_core.v[hd] of the Simplex-TX IP.

This issue will be fixed in the next VIVADO release (v10.2) of the core.

Revision History
1/15/2014 - Initial release

AR# 58745
日期 05/21/2014
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